Lullo Bier

As a lover of special beer, the idea arose in 2016 to start brewing beer together with Perry Derwig. The name Lullo Beer has been in my head for a while, but to give the concept Lullo Beer more shape, I first started with the design. The design had to fit in with our vision ... nice, cozy, masculine, students and chic.
But a nice label without beer does not taste ... To determine the direction of the taste, we organized a testing evening in the Drinkers Pub, Eindhoven. Evaluation of 8 pre-selected blond beers by color, scent, clarity, foam, bitterness, aftertaste, mouthfeel and drinkability. Was an instructive but especially enjoyable evening. The top 3 is composed. The Lullo recipe starts to get a taste!
In collaboration with the Bergings brewery in Purmerend we have put together our recipe and brewed our first 10 Hl. The sale could begin. In combination with the personalized packaging, the glasses and the craziness around social media an absolute success. For demand, price and quality improvement, we switched to Brouwerij Anders in Belgium where we brew 40 Hl per batch with a fully automated process.
Success also has its sides. A hobby is slowly starting to become a profession and can no longer be combined with our current work. By the end of 2018, after a great experience richer and much fun, it is time to transfer our Lullo Beer to another brewer who is expanding it to even greater success. For more information see