Like many men, when shopping, I always stop at a watch store to look at beautiful watches. Actually, always a lot of the same and wondered what I actually want. Something creative and personal. Something that you can adjust yourself. In 2006 I came up with the idea of MagnoWatch. A watch that can generate personal symbols outside of time and, if it's off, makes a surprising piece of jewelery.

Looking for a technique !!!

But a nice concept must also work. With a patent on this idea, I went looking for a company that could help me with the underlying technology. To date, I have not succeeded in getting this working. So unfortunately I am still looking for a partner who can get this idea into a working product. Can you help me further or do you know a company that can do this. I am open to it.
Loose material that can show time or another form with the help of electrostatic energy. Iron-containing material such as grit or liquid roaming around and showing the time or a message in between at the touch of a button.
Through an app you can easily create a symbol and send it to your watch. Or see that friends have sent you a message to a symbol that you have linked to that person.
The watch can also be used as a promotional gift. You can automatically display a logo in between.
The first two watches have fixed views. Simply move the material with underlying clock-hands. This does not require electrostatic forces, but simply magnets.

Let your imagination go 😉